Airing-/TV-Source Quality

Simulcast (sorted by best to worst) [2022]

Disclaimer: It’s always better to do your own comparisons for a show.
This is just a tier list based on average results. Anything lower than C-Tier should be avoided, but every show is different (more action means more bitrate needed) and some services can vary with quality too. Please keep that in mind!

S-Tier: Anime-on-Demand/Wakanim (Download)
A-Tier: VRV*/Disney+/Crunchyroll
B-Tier: bilibili Global (2160p)**/Google Play***/Netflix****/Amazon*****
C-Tier: Hulu US/Hulu JP******/FUNimation/Animation-Digital-Network/bilibili Global (1080p)**
D-Tier: Hidive/Bahamut Anime Crazy/AnimeLab/Wakanim (Stream)
F-Tier: U-Next/AbemaTV/bilibili China/GYAO!

Usually the higher the bitrate one source has in it’s tier, the better it is.

* Hidive channel (Crunchyroll channel is the same as Crunchyroll)
** h265 > h264 (2160p) – bitrate dependend | h264 > h265 (1080p)
*** h264 > VP9
**** h264 Main > h264 High > VP9 (except “High” has more bitrate than “Main”) | Bitrate can vary a lot, so it can be between B-Tier (~8-5mbps), & D-Tier (~3-2mbps)
***** h264 CBR > h264 VBR > h265 | CBR is usually better, but not always | Bitrate can vary a lot, so it can be between B-Tier & C-Tier | Amazon Prime / Rental > Amazon dAnimeStore (usually)

****** h265 > h264 > VP9

S-Tier: Anime-on-Demand/Amazon*/Funimation/Google Play**/(256kbps TV channels)
A-Tier: Netflix***/AnimeLab/(192kbps TV channels)
B-Tier: /
C-Tier: Crunchyroll/Disney+/Hulu JP/U-Next/Hidive/VRV****
D-Tier: Wakanim (Download)/bilibili China/bilibili Global/AbemaTV
F-Tier: Bahamut Anime Crazy/(128kbps TV channels)/Hulu US/Anime-Digital-Network/Wakanim (Stream)

* EAC3 (224kbps) > AAC (128kbps) [C-Tier]
** AAC (256kbps) > Opus (128kbps) [B-Tier]
*** USAC (192kbps) > AAC (128kbps) [D-Tier] > EAC3 (128kbps) [D-Tier]
**** Hidive channel (Crunchyroll channel is the same as Crunchyroll)

You can find a list with encoding settings of simulcast sources here:

– Sentai anime on Crunchyroll are always worse than VRV (Hidive channel)
– Every source might have it’s own problem and can look worse for certain shows. Like Wakanim using a banding creating denoise filter, AbemaTV having washed out details or Funimation having a green tint on it.
– Wakanim’s audio sounds alright most of the time, but has awful quality drops on a very random base
– Anime-on-Demand and bilibili Global (B-Global) are filtering their encodes (debanding, …)

TV (sorted by best to worst) [2017; outdated]

# BS Japan (BSJ), BS-TBS, BS-Fuji (BS-CX), BS-NTV,
# NHK BS Premium, TV Aichi (TVA), TBSTVO, TX,
# BS11MBS, CBC, WOWOW, GYT, BS Kids StationGTV, STS,
# BS Animax, tvh, SBS, Chiba TV(CTC), CTV,
# tvk, ytv, TVS, NTV, TV Asahi,
# AT-X, Fuji TV (CX), ANIMAX,
# KTV, Mie TV (MTV), KBS, MX1, Sun TV

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