Guide removed.

I neither have the time maintaining it nor the will to do so.
I know some people liked it and really appreciated it.
However, there are also people that complained about minor mistakes or too less technical knowledge in it. I heard stuff like “Just being a copy and paste guide”.
Well, I don’t fully agree with that, but I can’t disagree as well.
There were a lot of people just copying the stuff and asking on Discord for help “Why doesn’t that work?”. I saw some of my script examples on different websites (without even changing anything) and asking for help. My whole intention was a short guide for people that don’t want to read long documentations. A tl;dr instead of long explanations, but it seems people dislike actual reading if you have script examples. There were some people using it right, but too many people using it wrong. I don’t want to bother myself and everyone in the encode channel with that anymore.
When someone of you is still interested in encoding, you can find a decent alternative HERE.


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