Fixing official subtitles

What exactly?

Prass is a script written by tp7 for fixing timing (and other things) in subtitles. It’s doing a good job on official subs (like Crunchyroll). They usually have styling and timing issues. That script can’t fix bad translations though.

What do I need?

See: Requirements & explanations
As always I highly recommend reading all comments starting with “::” inside the batch files and the explanations of the commands.
Some scripts might not work out of the box.

Changing the styling of the subtitles:

You need Aegisub for that.
Change the styles in one of the template files inside the “audio” folder.
You can also copy and create your own template files.
Keep in mind that you’ve to add the fonts as well. See below.

Adding fonts:

Copy your fonts into the “audio” folder.
Only two fonts are allowed so far. One normal font and one italic font.

Using the script:

If you finished all these steps above, you are ready to use it.
Just run the “Fix_Subs.bat” file inside the main folder and follow the instructions on-screen. Open the batch file for some advanced options.