Shifting TV subs onto BD

What exactly?

Sushi is a script written by tp7 for putting subs of one source to another source. This is pretty useful if you want a TV/WEB-version sub on a BD-version.
It also works for TV -> WEB sources.

What do I need?

The Subfix-Pack.

So, what should I do after downloading it?

After extracting eveything, you have to read the “ReadMe.txt”.
Everything else is explained there.

Changing the styling:

You need Aegisub for that.
Change the styles in one of the template files inside the “audio” folder.
You can also copy and create your own template files.
Keep in mind that you’ve to add the fonts as well. See below.

Adding fonts:

Copy your fonts into the “audio” folder.
Only two fonts are allowed so far. One normal font and one italic font.

Using the script:

If you finished all these steps above, you are ready to use it.
Just run the “Shift_SubTVtoBD.bat” file inside the main folder and follow the instructions on-screen. Open the batch file for some advanced options.


You’ve to change the options inside the batch file.

Source subtitle format
Allowed values: "ass" and "srt"
Default: ass
Uses prass for fixing the subtitle timing
Allowed values: "y" or "n"
Default: n
Fixing the German typography (for exmaple: „“ instead of "")
Allowed values: "y" or "n"
Default: n
"template.ass" file that stores all styles, located inside the "audio" folder.
You can decide your own template file.
Presets: "template_clean.ass", "template_basic.ass" and "template_advanced.ass"
Default: template_clean.ass
Keep the fonts from the tv source.
Allowed values: "y" or "n"
Default: y
The font for your normal styling, located inside the "audio" folder.
Presets: font1.ttf
Default: font1.ttf
The font for your italic styling, located inside the "audio" folder.
Presets: font1i.ttf
Default: font1i.ttf