Using Taiga for auto. downloading anime

What do you need?

> An anime list account: AniList, Kitsu or MyAnimeList
> Installing Taiga

If you installed Taiga, just log in with your account.

Some basic settings:2017-06-11 12_33_49-Taiga – exmendic.png2017-06-11 12_34_29-Taiga – exmendic.png

Tools [in the tabs above] -> Settings -> Application

Showing torrents and automatically downloading them:2017-06-11 12_17_08-Taiga – exmendic.png

Tools [in the tabs above] -> Settings -> Torrents
Torrents [in the tabs left] -> Settings -> Torrents

You can use one of the following RSS feeds:

c=1_2 | Anime - English translated
f=1 | Filter remakes

Automatically search for anime on your local SSD/HDD:taiga_new01

Tools [in the tabs above] -> Settings -> Libary -> Add new...
Checkmark the option under "Real-time monitor"

Selecting your video player (so it can automatically detect what you are playing and updating your list):2017-06-11 12_31_53-Taiga – exmendic.png

Tools [in the tabs above] -> Settings -> Recognition

Add subgroups for an anime (which you want to automatically get downloaded):2017-06-11 12_20_57-Store.png

Torrents [in the tabs left] -> Check new torrents -> (Right click) -> Quick filters -> Select this fansub group for this title


Anime list [in the tabs left] -> Select the anime from your list -> (Right click) -> Edit -> My list and settings -> Fansub group preference

Discarding groups by default:2017-06-11 12_23_59-Taiga – exmendic.png

Tools [in the tabs above] -> Settings -> Torrents -> Filters -> + -> [Fansub] Anime -> (Do the same as on the screen above, just with the group you want) -> Next -> Don't select any anime, just click Finish

Only 1080p HorribleSubs:2017-06-11 12_22_20-Taiga – exmendic.png

The same as above, just with the following filter settings.

You can also use my default feed and import it there (see code below)