Vapoursynth – Encode-Pack: 20180317

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Important: This pack is outdated and not maintained anymore.
It won’t work if you’ve Python 3.7 (or newer) installed.
I highly recommend using the packs HERE instead.


The “Vapoursynth Pack” is a collection of stuff you need for encoding.
In other words an “all-in-one” package.
There are no tutorials inside, just some documentations.
That means you need at least basic knowledge to use it.



Avisynth 2.6.0 + Plugins
VapourSynth r39 + Plugins + Functions/Scripts
– VapourSynthEditor v18
x264 core 155 r2901
– d2vwitch v3 (beta with h264 support)
– Wobbly v4
eac3to v3.34
– opus v1.2.1 + flac v1.3.2 + libvorbis v1.3.5 (aoTuV Beta6.03) + qaac v2.65
– xdelta3 GUI 2.0.8
ffmpeg v3.4.2
SCXvid r1
Bitrate Viewer v2.3
– ChapterGrabber v5.4
HashCheck v2.4.0
– Lagarith Lossless Video Codec v1.3.27
– MediaInfo GUI v17.12
MKVcleaver v0.7.0.2
MKVToolnix v19.0.0 + MKVExtractGUI-2 v2.3.0.0
My MP4Box GUI v0.6.0.6
Python 2.7.14 & 3.6.4 (with numpy, Sushi, Prassmatplotlib & yuuno)
Spek 0.8.2
Ut Video Codec Suite v19.1.0

– Create_Typecuts.bat [Typecuts for After Effects]
– Create_TypecutsCode.bat [Typeset Typecodes for Vapoursynth]
– Create_webm.bat
– Extract_Convert_Audio (X to WAV).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to AAC – JIVTC TV).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to AAC – TV).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to AAC – WEB).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to AC3 – DVD).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to FLAC).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to OPUS).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to qAAC – BD).bat
– Extract_Convert_Trim_Audio (X to VORBIS-OGG).bat
– Find_ProductionResolution.bat
– Fix_Subs-23.976fps.bat [Automatic sub fixing]
– Fix_Subs-29.970fps.bat [Automatic sub fixing]
– Fix_Subs-Hidive.bat [Merging 1-liners]
– Generate_Keyframes.bat
– Run_Yuuno.bat [Editor for Vapoursynth]
– Shift_SubTVtoBD.bat [Retimes subs; Sushi]
– Trim_Audio (X to AAC – WEB).bat
– Trim_Audio (X to EAC3 – WEB).bat